Who uses K2C?

"We'd love to buy a

holiday home but

it's hard to justify for only 3 weeks of use per year"

"I've decided to sell my property but I like the idea that it can generate income  until it's sold"




"I manage my own Air BnB listings and I

think I’m doing OK"

   Sam & John    


We can help make sure your holiday home pays its way, turning it from an overhead into an income-generating asset that makes money for you when you're not using it.

You could even pay off a mortgage much faster by increasing your monthly payments.


Letting through K2C will reach up to 65% more customers via extra platforms than AirBnB alone.  Your current yield may be lower than it could be if you don't have dynamically optimised pricing and minimum stay durations.


Also,  coordinating cleaners, housekeeping and check-ins can be time-consuming and stressful.


We work closely with sales

 agents to coordinate viewings around short stays to enable you to get the most out of your rentals right up until you sell with no minimum contract required.

Try our trusted partner for

a sales valuation www.whitewallsrealestate.com

"We'd like to buy a holiday home we can  move to in retirement"

   Sara & Bob    

Investing your money into property abroad can be a great way to enjoy retirement. 


Pay off the mortgage earlier by maximising on year-round rental revenue. 

"Worried that you'll be tied to holidaying in the same place for years  Don't be !"


By letting us generate income from your holiday home, you can choose to travel

to other dream destinations, all funded from your short-term rental profits. 

Why use K2C?

         Improved reach through more rental platforms

         Improved yield through  pricing optimisation algorithm

         Professional housekeeping & cleaning

         Automated booking management 

         Managed guest communications leaving you free

         to enjoy life!

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