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Get clued up on Ibiza rental regulations

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Every country has its own regulations when it comes to how much income can be made by letting properties, be it short or long term.  Ibiza is no exception, and has some of the most stringent restrictions (as part of the Balearics) in Spain. However, this doesn’t mean that your home can’t work for you and be opened up to the tourist market, there are simply guidelines which must be adhered to and whilst we will simplify them here it is advisable that one receives legal advice should you have uncertainties.  The most important point is that you MUST have a licence number (Tourist Licence) At the time of writing this will cost €600 per property irrespective of size and must be renewed every 5 years.  The licences takes around 3 months to process.  The Licence guarantees: 

  • A decent standard of accommodation

  • The property has been vetted by the council

  • The property meets safety requirements

  • Taxes are being paid in support of the island's infrastructure

  • Currently apartments cannot be let for periods shorter than a month

It is also worth mentioning that a British National Resident who owns a second home in Ibiza may only rent their property out for a maximum of 60 days in each year. In order to apply for a Tourist Licence, properties must have a valid ‘Cedula de Habitabiliad’ (Habitation Certificate) which is renewable every ten years.  The Tourist Licence is an essential aspect to holiday letting in Ibiza and hefty fines will be levied to those unable to provide one.  But once this is in place it is a straightforward process and means that you can benefit from your properties rental income without having to worry.  For a more comprehensive breakdown follow the link: Some of the requirements which should be met when considering your property for tourist rental:  • Full compliance with planning, health and safety, security and disabled access.  • Rooms must be ventilated and have blinds or shutters. • Free internet service available in every room. • Air conditioning unit in every room (as a fixed fixture, not a portable device). • When properties are let during the winter season (October through to April) a heater must be made available in every room that is let (as a fixed fixture, not a portable device). • First aid kit and fire extinguisher. • Cleaning service at the start of new lodgings. • Rooms must have adequate furniture. • Complaints book. • Touristic guides, maps of the surroundings (books). Apartments can ONLY be rented for periods longer than 1 month and do not require a license but Villas are exempt from this rule.

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